Couture 2021

"The style of the 1930s is for me the embodiment of an ideal evening gown. I am convinced that it is the most flattering silhouette and sort of archetype of a classy dress. The style of the 1930s brought new ways of work with the material and anatomy of the body. For example, thanks to the oblique laying of the fabric, the dress is carried around the body in a different way. And this is what we like about the style of this period," says Zuzana.

However, the dresses are far from purely nostalgic. The designer adds her own visions to the aesthetics of the 1930s, and the styling, as usual executed by the stylist Jan Králíček, is natural and relaxed. Dresses in all lengths are complemented by pointed flat ballerinas, and tailor-made headbands and hair ornaments with Czech crystal produced by Preciosa company.

An almost futuristic model is a dress inspired by the vision and project of Smoke-Free World by Philip Morris ČR, which was an important partner of the show. "The silvery shimmer of the sequins and the fluidity of the dress evokes the future, while the translucency and lightness of the dress represents my vision of a cigarette smoke free world as Philip Morris and its smokeless alternatives strive for it," explains Zuzana.

The collection includes exclusive materials such as silk velvet, envers satin, silk chiffon, various sequin fabrics, silk with metallic fiber, sequin embroidery on tulle or glittering knitwear. The colour palette consists of a combination of earthy and pastel shades.

The show took place in Letná, in the part of Prague that was built in the 1930s and in which the designer herself lived until recently. Vinařská Street was closed for this festive occasion, and in addition to the collection of dresses, a new generation of the ŠKODA FABIA model was presented. The traditional Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO, with which the designer has cooperated several times in the past, was also an important partner of the show.

The original look of the models was provided by a team of make-up artists from DOUGLAS perfumeries while TONI&GUY team took care of the hairstyles. The MUMM champagne closely connected with the fashion world and the creativity of designers was served for a toast.


photo: Marek Mičánek

art direction: Jan Králíček

scenic design of the show: Marek Cpin

model: Aneta Měšťanová, Elite Model 

make up: Lucie Janků 

hair: Mirka Myšička Hajdová

production: Radovan Jelínek, Indep 

crystal accessories: Soňa Dermeková, Preciosa Components

graphic design: Side2 




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