New studio & showroom

The new studio in the corner house with a view of Vinohradská třída and Anna Letenská Street is much larger and more spacious. That was also the main reason for the change.

In contrast to the original studio, there is now a sewing workshop and a preparation room, where the fabrics are cut, placed next to each other and all rooms are passable. Next to the reception room is a showroom, followed by a workshop with Zuzana's work desk and a large cutting table and a sewing workshop. The background areas, where the warehouse, cloakroom and space for rest are located, are also significantly larger.

The layout of the space and interior equipment was designed by graphic designer Tomáš Machek, the founder of the creative studio Side2, who has been cooperating with Zuzana for a long time and is, among other things, the author of the visual identity of both brands - Zuzana Kubíčková and Pop. An interesting element is, for example, the use of window niches, which serve as fitting rooms, and thanks to the semitranslucent curtains, they have a pleasant dim light.

The studio serves as a showroom and also the exclusive point of sale for the Pop line. Come and see the news that you will not find on the web or e-shop, and possibly complete your wardrobe for the coming spring. Make an appointment via email or Facebook - we will be happy to welcome you any working day at the time agreed.

Photos by Filip Šlapal 





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