Pop by Zuzana Kubíčková - spring / summer 2018

On March 21st, 2018, during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, designer Zuzana Kubíčková

presented her new clothing line called Pop by Zuzana Kubíčková in the Hauch Gallery in Karlín. Pop

offers a timeless feminine wardrobe - key pieces of proven cuts, precisely crafted, of high quality

materials and in the inimitable style of the designer.

"Pop is actually a benefit of the experience gained from my everyday work with customers. I want

women to wear the clothes we create and I am trying to offer an essential wardrobe of high quality at

affordable price. Production in small series will allow for more favourable prices and timeless, classic cuts

will give the chance for longer lasting outfits, "says the designer.

The first set offers a practical base in the form of little black and little white dresses, pencil skirts,

lightweight flowing tops in combination with laces, trousers and a trench coat. Designer sticks to her

style – outfits are very feminine, which is given by the form of the cuts and also the materials used. Due

to the basic focus, the entire first collection is made in black and white colours and made of easy care


Pop will work in parallel with Kubíčková’s couture line. Designer's know-how, high-quality craftsmanship

and sophistication of cuts will distinguish the new line from common ready-to-wear.

Pop line will be available online at www.zuzanakubickova.com and every season will be enriched with

new pieces and also accessories.


Zuzana Kubickova a Cafe~Cafe Vás společně zvou na letní pop-up store nové značky Pop by Zuzana Kubíčková. Pop-up nabídne letní novinky značky a základní, nadčasové kusy dámského šatníku.