Rudolfinum Ball 2020

Miss World, Czech top model and founder of the Beauty of Help Foundation Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá and Mrs. Olga Menzelová presented clothes from our atelier at Rudolfinum Ball (February 29, 2020).

Táňa Brzobohatá wore a long bare-backed dress made of dark green silk velvet. “We wanted a completely different type of dress than the one we made for Táňa on the occasion of "Ples jako Brno" event. And the first inspiration came from the material and the colour. On one hand, velvet is not a very common material for ball gowns, on the other hand, working with velvet is always a challenge. Velvet is very difficult to process and at least partly it has to be sewn by hand. Last but not least, we wanted to let Tatiana's beautiful figure to stand out, ”describes Zuzana the creation of the dress.

In the case of Olga Menzel, the starting point was the fact that she wanted a light colour dress. “Olga Menzelová feels good in light tones and she enjoys a minimalist silhouette. The long pelerine made the simple cut of the dress interesting and in combination with the sequined silk lace created a fine harmonic ensemble, ”says Zuzana.


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